C.A.I. Financial is Canada’s leading private lending Company that caters to people without using credit. C.A.I. Financial offers title loans, collateral loans and reciprocal loans. C.A.I. Financial is the first and only company that offers Reciprocal lending programs.

What is A Reciprocal Lending Program and how does it work?

Similar to a title loan we would lend out money and bind it with some type of collateral in contracts. Unlike the title loans, we do not take title of your collateral. We allow you to continue using your collateral for a fee and then at the end of the program we would then void all contracts. No GPS units or any of the sort will be installed on your collateral. We at C.A.I. Financial want to build a relationship with our customers and the best way to do that is to trust each other.

With its accurate proposals, no hidden aspects of agreements and quick response. C.A.I. Financial is the only company in Canada that can have your funds ready in just 15 minutes. C.A.I. Financial accepts good credit, bad credit or even no credit. C.A.I. Financial approves just about anyone that has the proper collateral. If you have any type of motor vehicle or real estate property like a house or land then you are just about guaranteed to be approved with us! We don’t do credit checks. We don’t do employment checks. We guarantee to have the lowest interest rate than anyone in this lending concept. You can borrow up to $25,000.00 with no hassle. We don’t have early payout penalties. We have instant approval. We can have the funds available to you in 15 minutes. You have the freedom to pay back when you want. We do not use the unfair black book value. We are professional. We are respectful. No small prints, no hidden fees, just accurate financial help.

Awarded Best Customer Relations Award 2 Years in a row